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Create your Own CoKi Champagne Dessert Candle

Create your very own CoKi Champagne Candle. Can't make in to CoKi 's candle experience to make your own? No problem we will make it for you just the way you like it. Select your favorite color scent and toppings to make it just how you want it. Select your favorite colors, scents, and dazzilig topping.


CoKi Champagne Candle is an elegant looking novelty candle. Perfect for you or as a special gift, everyone loves getting a unique gift that smells fantastic and is a lovely aesthetic conversation piece. Great for home decor or for burning. Experience the CoKi Experience right in your own home.

Custom Candles will be created and may ship 3 to 4 weeks (or ealier) after order is made.

Create your Own CoKi Champagne Dessert Candle

  • ✨ Please Allow 5-14 Business Days For Custom Candles To Be Made Then Shipped. 


    ✨If You Need To Upgrade For Faster Shipping Please Email Request Prior To Ordering. 

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