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CoKi Cocktail  Body Scrub Series

CoKi 🍹Cocktail Scrub Series is here! Imagine the best cocktails made into your favorite body scrubs. CoKi has created some Super Exciting blends of scrubs that not only look and smell wonderful, but also cleanse and smooth the skin to perfection.

6oz Ea.

💎White Wine and Diamonds Body Scrub Smells so rich and bougie with a sweet whisper to make it cute or whatever💕.

🍹Raspberry Margarita Body Scrub Smells soooo good it’s fruity fun, saucy and sweet.this one’s for the cutie that likes to get tipsy off those pretty, sweet cocktails that are as fly as they are.

💋Pink Bubbly Body Scrub Smells really fun, soft, sweet and vibrant pink it’s an immaculate vibe that everyone loves to be around.

☕️Me Expresso Body Scrub Smell sugary warm, golden and delicious with a smooth buttery twist. Keeps the people wanting more and coming back. Their just addicted. “IT’S SWEET WE GUESSO”.

✨Pro Tip: Pair it with our body butters or mousses and you will be in heaven. Shop Them Here

CoKi Cocktail Body Scrub Series

  • ✨ Please Allow 5-14 Business Days For Custom Candles To Be Made Then Shipped. 


    ✨If You Need To Upgrade For Faster Shipping Please Email Request Prior To Ordering. 

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