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Gratuit Perfume

A wonderful scent that is smooth and warm with

hints of Vanilla & Lime.


Find your clarity, light and grounding. See clearly, embrace and reflect your gratitude for yourself and others.


Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils to improve the body, mind, and spirit. It enhances both physical and emotional health.'


Made with aromatherapy grade essential oils that are rare and difficult to obtain to creat a potient perfume.


Gratuit Perfume

  • •Our Custom Blends

    We spent many years creating our intention perfumes. 

    We  perfected them to ensure that  kindness and kind intentions are rewarded with goodness, happiness and a real sense of wellbeing for those who wear them and those that come in contact with their scent. 

    Gratuit Was Created To Bring Clarity And Self Assurance To All That Come In Contact With The Blend.
    •Use this natural aromatherapy perfume to Clearly navigate 

    •Use when you want to make clear decisions

    •Use when you want to calm over thing or negative thinking 

    •Use when you are in the presence of others you want too be clear and unclouded in judgment 

  • ✨ Please Allow 5-14 Business Days For Custom Candles To Be Made Then Shipped. 


    ✨If You Need To Upgrade For Faster Shipping Please Email Request Prior To Ordering. 

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